T.V & Film

We may have been on your screen..


In the Spring 2019 we were commissioned to film for ITN documentaries for a Channel 4 production.

The finished programmes went out on Channel 4 late this summer.

It was a 3 part documentary on “Londons Great Bridges”. Drone Aerial Views provided all the aerial footage.

After lots of background work we were granted permission to fly our drones in central London.

We worked closely with NATS and the CAA then had clearance from Metropolitan & City Police.

Finally the PLA were on board…literally, as we took off and landed from one of their vessels.

RUSH: GH5s *Award Winning*

Earlier in the year we were asked to provide the aerial footage for Adam Brashaw and his team on a short action film.

Adam works as a Stuntman on several Hollywood films. He and some like minded pals wanted to make a short action film on a limited budget.

The result is “Rush”. They entered it into the @queenpalmfilmfest for best action “Action Short”. It won.

It was great to be involved on this project.